Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Growing up can be lots of fun

Has it ever happened to you that the things that you thought you would never do, think, understand is exactly what you are doing now and worse, be fairly comfortable about it? It's all part of growing up or getting matured but sometimes I get terrified that I might end up being a person I once abhorred!

As an enthusiastic post teen, I believed work as worship. I would feel guilty if there was not much work on my plate or if someone else was doing much difficult or creative work. I would feel I need to earn my money and less work did not fit my belief. Yes, I was young and stupid. Not that I am old and wiser but now, I don't mind free time accompanied by money paid for having it.

There are so many thoughts, ideas that I used to think occurs to others, only to realize that I am not left out as well. But on further thinking, only thing I can conclude is it’s a human nature and well, life happens to anyone.

Let’s just not even talk about food. All my childhood tantrums of eating only a selective few has taken a reverse turn, now that I eat anything vegetarian. Apart from surprising few who know me since I was a kid, I sometimes surprise myself seeing what I have in my food plate.

Though I respect the genuine concerns that my previous generation has for us and the future of the planet, I don’t seem to be much bothered about it. There are some global issues for which all of us have to contribute but otherwise, things which were considered taboo before are not looked upon the same way anymore. The society in general is becoming more generous and liberal. This of course, impacts human mind and the way it works. The realization that life is not black and white but shades of grey is more profound now.

As someone said, “Life is not what you think it is but what you make out of it.”

Edit: I changed the title as the previous one "Becoming someone you once disliked" was too strong. I don't think we can become someone else whom we abhorred but we start understanding life in a broader spectrum.


--xh-- said...

"Life is not what you think it is but what you make out of it" true,.. if i hv toi become some one i dont like.. well, i most prolly will never do that.. in teh remote chance that i do it, i will never be happy...

Monika said...

:) the not working and getting money part, i so related to that one... i still remember the times in DCM when we used to work so hard and the pleasure of having free time has been gradually going up since then i guess :) though i still want to have a lot of work but i need my time for other things in office too he he

Suma said...

that is so true...i seem to be doing so many things that i never thought i would...whether it is a good sign or bad, i wouldn't know but yes, whether i am comfortable doing it... i think that's what i try to aim for......

Joy said...

XH: Maybe you would realize a different aspect of life.

Monika: :)

Suma: Yeah, I think we are biased till we don't face the other face of the coin ourselves. hey, you back to S'pore?