Monday, April 16, 2018

To evolve or not...

Evolution is a hard thing to measure. We have advanced medically by leaps and bounds only to some times rediscover information known to our ancestors centuries ago. That results in a healthy struggle between modern science and ancient wisdom. Though these should be taken as synergies, giving each other information of what was done in the past and how we can apply in present.

Now a days lot of surgeries occur via laser, with no cut in the body. These kind of surgeries were popular in Egyptian times too when brain surgeries were performed via a tube from nose. Other medical activities like brain drilling, C-section and use of microbes for fighting infection has been in place for centuries. Modern equipments might have replaced the crude tools used earlier but the concept remains same. Maybe the probability of success has increased over the years. However, if you ever hear an ad for a stroke medicine, the number of side effects the medicine can cause makes you wonder whether its worth to take it.

Like the earth revolving around the sun, I believe evolution might be revolving around time. Rediscovering something of past and presenting with a modern outlook. An old wine in a new bottle, still good to experience.

Though Spring is no where to be found, summer jobs/ internship applications are out. I saw an application for the Medical Centre for robotic surgery. They are looking for applicants who can perform the medical surgery. Eh, are there any takers ? 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Decisions, decisions

What prompts us to make a decision
A tug in the heart or a logical signal in the brain?

A sensitive feeling that stops us
Or a logical strategy that helps us

"A routine" says the brain
Do what you do every day but stop and think sometimes

"A behavior" says the heart
Do what you feel like but care for self sometimes

Almost 10 years since I wrote last
Neither the heart nor the brain know the ask

I had a routine to write everyday then
Had a good feeling when I made online circle of friends

Everyone would have moved on through stages of life
A decade is a lot to live by

Does not matter what made me write today
Both heart and brain need to live with it everyday

To evolve or not...