Thursday, August 13, 2009

Patience, My dear Watson

Patience is an admirable virtue. Many times I think not about the people but the things in my life which have waited and still waiting to get my attention. I wonder what they would say if they had a mind to speak up.

One of the most patient creatures is the apple that travels with me everyday to work. Poor thing endures all the hassles of car and train journey every week day and still puts forward its best red face on Friday evening when I eventually eat it on the way back home. I don't know why both of us should go through this torture. I should better start bringing a fruit which I relish.

Every time I buy tindora I promise myself to cook it the very next day and every time I forget or just ignore it. They sit in my refrigerator braving all the fungus that might be threatening them. Ultimately when one of them goes bad, I cook to save the others.

I might be one of the few people who owns the Dosa/Idli Grinder and never uses it. In the past so many years, I can count in one hand how many times I might have used it. I, in fact own two of them. My mother got me a lighter one few months back thinking the small and light gadget might allure me. Trust me, nothing yet has convinced me to grind the dosa/idli flour at home. I buy from the super market when needed.

I can't believe why a machine to fold washed clothes has not been invented yet. I actually end up folding at least 2 or 3 loads of accumulated washed laundry. This, after I realize that I better do the work else we would have nothing to wear.

Coupons and I are poles apart. We are never together at the same time. I remember them when I am not shopping and when I am indeed buying things, they are conveniently forgotten at home. Every Sunday, I keep aside the coupon section aside to take out the ones I need and every following Saturday I trash the newspaper as the coupons would have already be expired.

Half of my email box must be filled up by Tarla Dalal and other cooking emails. The amusing part is when I have to make something different, I always google for the recipes and never go through my emails. I should better unsubscribe myself from all these just to make my email box lighter.

There are of course other endless financial concepts, languages and To-Do lists trying to draw my attention which I’ll look at some other time.

To evolve or not...