Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bon Appétit

Some dishes are like friendships. You always relish them. I can actually count the number of dishes I have really enjoyed in my life till now. These tastes heavenly and I can still remember the joy of eating them the first time. To name a few:

1. Nirula's Hot Choc Fudge: My mouth is watering as I type this. One of the best deserts existing on the earth. Surprisingly I have not had too much of these but I remember once treating my work colleagues on my birthday.

2. Nirula's veggie burger: It is one of the first fast food I have tasted and boy did I love it. There was one Nirula's pretty close to the University I studied in Delhi. My friends and I would eat burgers on any pretext as lunch, mid day snack, not-hungry-but-can-eat-burger time.

3. Buttered Nan and shahi panner: I don't know how those calories act as appetizer and make stomach want for more.

4. Veggie Quesadilla: I used to love the ones served by TGIF. I don't go to TGIF as they hardly have anything veggie but I heard that now these do not taste the same.

5. Rava Dosa: These have always tasted heavenly.

6. Burrito Bowl: I cannot have enough of this. The best part is it is healthy. I never knew plain rice and raw vegetables can taste so yummy. I think guacamole does the trick.

7. Mango Milk shake: Need I have to say thing here? The king of fruits is definitely the king of drinks.

What makes your mouth water?


Ugich Konitari said...

This is probably indicative of the different times we grew up in, but in my college years we didnt get around as much as you guys did. (late 60's). However, two things remain supreme :

1. Curd rice, with lemon pickle, and a potato subji made of thinly cut stirfried potato ("batatyachya kachryaa")

2. Bhel from a corner place in Pune called "Kalpana Bhelwala". I have eaten and continue to eat the bhel from 3 generations of that family.... a great roadside stall...

Outstandingly Yum.

ceedy said...

Heheh so true...

For me Pav Bhaji and Sev Puri from a certain street in Mumbai

and here have you tried Pad Thai Raum Mit...I can eat that over and over again.. (it thai noodles in peanut sauce with vegetable)

Suma said...

pav bhaji
veggie quesadilla...i love those..
rava dosa, utthapam..

i'm hungry now!

Sumana said...

You ask a questions that i can do a blog post on. I love all those that you mention. The only one thing i have been hating these days is the paneer. Blame it on the north india trip we took, every dish had paneer in it.

workhard said...

I love hot choco fudge... lasagne, pasta and pizza..

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