Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life on a Refrigerator

Suma tagged couple of weeks ago on the stories told by my fridge. Take a look.

It shows many places that we have visited. There are photos of how my kids looked when they were 2 years old (which is not too long ago). There is a picture of me and my daughter(next to the doll in top left corner) in a county fair. Me and little A were pretty excited as this was the first fair we were attending. I had no expectations but by the end of 3 hours, we had won 20 soft toy as prizes. It was so much for us to carry that we had to get hold of an unused garbage bag to put in all the toys. Incidentally all these soft toys were nice and different. My son at that time was 3 months old and we surprised him by showing a whole soft toy jungle. Since then we have attended 2 more county fairs but no such luck.

Travel makes one young and liberal. We come to learn new culture, get a taste of new cuisine and experience the life of locals. Of the 28 Indian states and 7 Union territories, I have visited 12 of them and lived in one of them. Of the 50 US states, I have visited 20 and am living in one. Hopefully I will be able to cover many, if not all the 195 countries in this life.

I am very excited about collecting a souvenir where ever I go, fridge magnets if possible. In fact I would like to have a world map and fill in the places we have visited with a souvenir brought from there. I remember once when visiting Sumana in Chicago, I drove everyone crazy shopping for an appropriate souvenir. People like to collect different things, one person I know likes to collect caps from places visited and the other likes to collect Tshirts. What do you like to collect?

I pass on the tag to Monika, Prats, Sumana, Arc, Archana and anyone else who would like to pick it up.

PS: I took the photo from my phone camera. Will post a clearer picture taken from a regular camera soon.

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