Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Modern Marvels

Technology never fails to amaze me. Of all the modern marvels that have come out, I like GPS the best. It has helped me regain my independence all over again. I don't need to prepare myself to know direction to the destination neither I need to worry about missing turns or getting lost. The best part is there are no arguments on taking wrong turns. Whether the route taken is right or wrong is never discussed. In fact, the poor thing keeps recalculating to find the nearest way to reach the destination. I recently learnt another new feature by which we can save the location where the car is parked in the mall and roam about freely. When we plan to return back, it would more than willingly help us reach the car, safe and sound.

iPhone is the next. I understand this idea has been floating around for sometime but we have to give credit to Apple for making it available to the mass. Now, all we have to remember is to carry this gadget, for everything else, there is iPhone. The iWear to give a display equivalent to theatre video screen is phenomenal. With iPod already out, I knew something for the video would just be around the corner.

All these are bringing realization to a chapter of English that I read in class 8. I don't recall the fiction completely but it was about a house where all the electronic gadgets spoke to each other and how they tried best to save themselves and the house on the doom's day but no luck.

I am equally marveled by Microsoft Surface. The touch technology does surface out a new way of learning, sharing information. This definitely makes a tremendous impact on the consumer market. Few years ago, in a class presentation on what future beholds us, we had come up with the way online shopping would be evolved. We imagined how we could compare products online. In case of dresses, we can actually have a profile looking similar to us and checkout how the dress looks on that. We also proposed of comparing perfumes online. I am not sure if there is any olfactory plug-ins available. If there are none, there must be something evolving somewhere and it’s just a matter of time when it surfaces out.

Kindle can be any book lover's dream come true. Having accessible to approx 130,000 books and publications in an 8 X 6 palm device is astounding. Somehow, I have never felt reading in an electronic device as gratifying as shuffling the pages of a book.

As Einstein had once said: “It is appallingly obvious our technology has exceeded our humanity”

This post was due long time back but could never see the day of light till today.


ceedy said...

Its real and unbeleivable what they perceived i nmovies like Star trek and bladerunner...

its matter of time I beleive we all have one chip embedded in us to interact with everything we need....the MAC address on this ship will be our SSN :)

Joy said...

Ceedy: Thats so true. Wow I never thought about use of SSN. May be you should patent it before the word is out!

Shruti said...

I wish I could use GPS in my college.. Im so disoriented I get lost there :-S

Joy said...

Shruti,I thought we were always supposed to get lost in college so that we can miss the classes :) just kidding.

To evolve or not...