Friday, May 23, 2008


Knowingly or unknowingly, we are always looking out for signs or signals from life ensuring that we get what we are looking for or future looks good. As humans, we seek assurance, more than anything else. Some of these transcend into traditional customs or observance. As true with anything else, an open mind will break these so called rules but then, giving a scientific or spiritual reason, we just form new ones.

As a kid, I used to consider my blue ink pen and a blue belt as my source of luck. I used to be confident taking exams or going to competitions till I had them. Then I lost the pen and the belt broke. In a previous company I worked in, the manager had two names for a project - one internal to the department and one which was used while talking to the customers. He used to choose the internal ones very carefully, naming them after successful mythological figures, hoping that the projects meet the same fate as these characters etched in time. The higher a person goes in profession, the more assurance does (s)he look for because there is really no scope for failure.

Nowadays, we are surrounded by books and talks on realizing our true potential and succeeding in life. Paulo Coelho's Alchemist is one of the best books I have read recently which has inspired and motivated me. Seminars organized by Toastmasters are definitely stimulating and prepares the mind to at least start thinking in that direction. All said and done, these talks, books, seminars convey a simple message -"Listen to yourself". Still attaining it is one of the hardest feats. The reason being many times, our mind and heart are at conflict. In between these conflicts and thoughts lies the “miracle” or “God”, trying to confluence the two and bringing peace to them.


--xh-- said...

true.. realising ones true potetial is very crutial for sucess in life.. whn one listens to him/herself and realises the potential, there is nothing much which cn stop...

the books, seminars etc are tools which help peopel to realise this :)

Preethi said...

aah.. loved the manager who had the internal mythological names for the project... how sweet!! :)

ceedy said...

true...and since you are in this mode...I suggest you read "The Secret" or see the movie

Joy said...

XH: Yes.

Preethi: Whatever one believes in.

Ceedy: I am kind of out of that mode but will definitely checkout the book. Thanks