Saturday, April 19, 2008

Addicted to eat

I had these phases during my childhood when I used to be addicted to one type of fruit for a period of few months. I would gobble them up in the morning, afternoon and evening, many times replacing them for my regular lunch/dinner. The fruits I was addicted to were orange, grapes, pomegranate, apple, guava and mango.

My first addiction to oranges was when I was 10 years old. I could gobble a dozen a day. Before my mother could lay hands on them to make some juices, they would be already in my tummy. In that grade, I had a chapter in English - The Seveteen Oranges, where the author, working in a dock had consumed 17 big oranges, including the seed and the skin, in order not to be caught by police. Though I could not have eaten the skin but I was amused knowing that someone else could also consume oranges in that proportion. The story remained in my heart as a tribute to remember my own addiction to oranges.

As a kid, I used to like apples, though now it is a different story. Once I had consumed a whole fruit with the seeds. I was freaked out for a couple of days thinking that an apple tree would grow in my stomach. Growing up, becoming wiser and understanding biology, I knew this would be a pure miracle and a sure-shot place holder for Guinness Book of world records. Years later, I had a chapter in English written by Giovanni about a little girl who had an apple orchard in her backyard. She would climb up the tree whenever she got annoyed with her family. She used to refer it as "Apple Tree Pomplex". In my early teens, I used to find similarity between the rebellious nature of the kid to mine and her understanding family to my people, who gave space and lended ears to a teenage mind.

Of course, mango has been my all time favorite. It’s the king of the fruits in all sense. The looks, smell and the taste- everything about it is majestic. I would eat the mango to its last pulp and suck its seed dry. I love all it's flavors. The best were the ones from my home grown mango tree. It was planted by my grandma and my brother, in his toddler days. After a long time, I had a delicious mango today. I sowed the seed in a flower pot, hoping for the green thumb magic to work again. In the meanwhile, I would cherish eating the rest of the box, remembering my good old days.


Suma said...

ahhh!! mangoes!! slurrrrp!!!

i love most fruits and can have A LOT :)

--xh-- said...

mangoes.. :) u know - whn i was a kid i used to hate mangoes.. then slowly i started i eating not so ripen ones.. but now.. just love them.. have got a couple of mango trees at home.. must have started flowering.. have to ask dad... :)

SK said...

>>Once I had consumed a whole fruit with the seeds. I was freaked out for a couple of days thinking that an apple tree would grow in my stomach.

Hahhaha!! I am sure every kid has been worried of this, including myself. Later I reasoned out, and explaing to my friends as well, that seeds dont grow into plants in the stomach, because there is no sunlight :--))

I never liked fruits much when I was younger, recently I have begun eating them, as part of my healthy diet plan.

Nice one!

Prats said...

oh yes...and don't the branches grow out of your ears!!!!!
I wa stelling this to my son last week when he swallowed the seeds of an orange...and he looked at me I had gone!!!

I love fruits too...but stay miles away from the king of fruits...I know...i'll get a bashing here if i say anything more

Sumana said...

Every visit to grand parents house during summer holidays was brightened with those crates of delicious mangoes.

Archana Bahuguna said...

He he ... so you are the real life version of the kid in "Seventeen oranges". That story is one of the most interesting ones I have ever read. :-)

I never had these addictions although I always remember liking all the fruits and loving mangoes. Banana is my all time favorite but mango is the king! In fact after reading your blog yesterday I actually had a mango. Mmm...delicious!

Archana said...

Mangoes - yummy! I have got an everlasting aversion to apples after eating it as an in-between "snack" almost every single day of my grad school life. Blech!

Oranges - these days I am eating clementines everyday like there is no tomorrow.... maybe I will turn orange in color soon!

Geraldine said...

At least your food addictions leaned towards healthy items. Interesting post!

Suma said...

you've been tagged...:) and i'm counting on you!!!

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