Friday, March 14, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

I had read it somewhere, if there is a mirror, there is a girl standing next to it. Coming from a girl's mouth, it is absolutely, whole heartedly true. We so much have an urge to checkout ourselves every now and then. So, any passing mirror, to be more correct, any reflective surface, has seen us eye to eye. It doesn't matter whether it is a nice looking mirror, a car window or a spotless glass panel of a building. We can glance at any of these to see if the hair is looking good or the face is looking fine.

In the morning, after dressing in front of a mirror, I do take a last peek at myself on the car rear-mirror before entering my work building. For whatever reasons, irrespective of the work locations and the building floors, I generally look a little blemished. I often wonder how can an hour of work, if any, take the freshness out of me.

Even in a bright nice dress, in which I felt so good in dressing up in the morning, I don't feel the same at office. But after a long, drudgery day at work, when I get back home, I seem to be fresh again in the mirror back home. I assume it has to do with the lighting or the reflective index of the mirror or maybe it is all in my mind. Even when I was young, I used to prefer one mirror over the other in my house.

Having said all these, mirrors do make an excellent adornment for the home. They make the room look more spacious. According to Fen Shui, if correctly placed, they induce positive vibes into the atmosphere.

One of the best gifts I have received is a beautiful mirror. It was gift to me from my dear friends in college. It was a nice oval shaped mirror embedded in a wooden bamboo handicraft. It had a nice reflecting surface and never lied to me. So, you can assume that I always looked good in that. It hung in my room and my day would start and end looking at it. In the next trip back home, I think I should get it with me.


--xh-- said...

yeah - agre with u. have seen girls checking on mirror at many places. a mirror makes room look more spacious. i had a friend who had a HUGE mirror in her main room - the single mirror give the room a drastic face lift.
i used to have a small mirror for shaving, but when my sisters came home visiting, the first thing they made me buy is a medium size mirror...

Thinking aloud said...

dang!!...the one thing i miss here at home in singapore is a full length mirror ...

*a spotless glass panel of a building* u can be sure to see me there chking myself out :-P

i wonder why bloglinx never shows me you've updated?

mayG said...

the funniest is that we women are known for peeking in the rear-view mirror while on the driver's seat more to check ourselves out than the scene in the background!

hey thanks for stopping by my blog.. hope to see you more often!

Joy said...

XH: Next to diamonds, I believe mirrors are the best friends to a girl. So, now you know how to impress your beautiful half(when she comes, or do you have one already ? ) :)

TA: What are you saying? No full length mirror in S'pore?

MayG: It actually gives a better picture of the face :) Welcome here.