Tuesday, March 18, 2008

C'est la vie

I do have a good sense of direction. But as even experts can falter, I do have a plausibility of losing my way once in a while. This has happened so frequently in last few months that in any unfamiliar road, my toddler checks if I know where I am going.

I have to buy something from a wedding registry at a store for a reception we need to attend this weekend. There is a store branch near my work and home. The one near my home is actually a good driving distance. So, in order to save time, my mind came up with this brilliant idea of purchasing the gifts close to my work. I am not familiar with all the roads close to my office but a little adventure in the afternoon is always fun, isn't it?

To save some more time, I checked online for the items that could be purchased. For whatever reasons, the website did not allow search of non purchased items. I had to browse through the whole registry to figure out what I would like to buy. As luck would have it, any item I liked was already bought.

In the whole hassle, I did not check the exact location of the store and went off to the close by mall where I assumed the store was located. The store was not located where I assumed, but was in a place where it was actually built, which was not too hard to find.

Since I had not figured out the gift I wanted to buy, I had to go to a cash register to get the wedding registry printed out. The lady at the register tried her best to help me get a printout. But for some reason, it failed to show up the items. She conveniently put the blame on the new cash registers which they have acquired and not familiar with. Finally, after about fifteen tries and couple of phone calls, she successfully printed out the item list. To my surprise and pleasure, only the non purchased items were printed. I took the small piece of paper and grabbed the next available store lady to help me get these, only to realize that this particular store carry none of the non purchased items!


Archana Bahuguna said...

Badhe badhe sheharon mein aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain ;-)

Thinking aloud said...

Ohh poor you!!!...this IS life...sigh...

--xh-- said...

ha ha ha.. murphy's day out :-D so, did u manage to get the things at last?

Joy said...

Arc: yeah yeah.. as long it is not choti sheharon mein badi baatein, I think I am fine.

TA: :) :)

XH: Yup, actually experienced Murphy's theories. I did managed to get the things at the store near(far) from my home.

Ziah said...

Hehehehe... You know this happens to me ALL the time. :) And to add to it, I do not have a sense of topography..:)