Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Same pinch.... Ouch.

Assurance is all we need as humans. Not only do we feel good when once in a while someone praises us and lifts up our spirits, but we also look for similarities with a celebrity for a name, birth date or even a birth month.

My friend is a huge fan of Amitabh Bachchan and is very proud to be not only Libran but sharing birthday with Rekha (for obvious reasons). Most of my Libran friends are just happy sharing their birth month with the Big B. Amazing how a single man can actually lift spirits of hundreds of people doing nothing except being born. Similarly there are Leo, Scorpio and Aquarian friends raving about celebrities sharing birthdates and names.

I know 3 people born on Feb 5. I have known them over different time spans and my interaction with them have been in different levels. In fact, one is a celebrity with no interaction expect opinions formed on hearing and reading various interviews. When I realized yesterday that a colleague of mine with whom I used to work years back was also celebrating his birthday, it made me think about how nice these people have been and how I feel good just by knowing them. All three are very matured, calm, compassionate and broad minded. I felt that if I ever meet anyone else in future born on the same date, I would definitely strike a cordial friendship with her/him.

It is just a great feeling to share something as simple as a name or birth date with a celebrity one admires. Hoping to share a great space with a great personality, I searched for people born on my birth date. Maybe next time, I can rave to my friends about the nice celebrity club I belong to. I searched the net for the people I would have loved to share something in common but in vain. Finally, I seached for people born on my birth date, only to be disheartened. I share my date with two people I absolutely detest and have no common ground with them - Bali Brahmabhatt and George Bush. Who cares about sharing a birth date with a celebrity? We are all individuals with unique personalities.


Archana Bahuguna said...

Oh My God Jaya! George Bush! :-(

Prats said...

Me being a huge fan of Amitabh, I remember how proud I sed to feel that I shared the sunsigns with him.
I totally relate to how each of us try to look for another similar to ourselves....but i feel the need is more to find ourselves in them...and understand ourselves...

Thinking aloud said...

hey...u know another great aquarian..."ME'...:D

and you are right...who needs celebrities to make our day perfect?

Joy said...

Arc: Yeah! You can very well imagine my reaction! :(

Prats: You know all my Bombay friends live very close to Amitabh's house :)

TA: I know Ms Aquarian. I have many good friends from the same sign and they love being what they are. Ofcourse, we are good just being ourselves!

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