Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weighing more than gold

In my younger days, I was a cherubic( I like this word instead of plump and chubby) kid. I used to be teased by my brother, cousins and friends who were in the lesser side of the weighing scale. I tried my hard to reduce weight. I would play a lot but all in vain. People around me were still thinner than me. I started reducing my food intake, which would annoy my mom as she had never once thought me as a chubby kid. To her I was always a good, healthy child. I wished everyone could see me through my mom's eyes. I even tried fasting once a week but my weight did not come down a pound neither did my size reduce by an inch.

Finally, in college, running behind the University buses so as to reach the class on time, did seemed to work out a little. For whatever reasons, I have always been blessed with slim and trim friends. When we used to read about the Operating Systems ,Win NT,Win 32 and FAT systems, my friends coined a term FAT XX(XX - my weight at that time) for me. Then came the word POF(Percentage of FAT) factor. One thing good was none of my friends had a sweet tooth. So I was never in a position where people around me were consuming sweets and icecreams and I was gaining weight just by ogling at their goodies.

Later when I came to US, by what the average person weighs and looks, my dress size automatically reduced to the lower end of the garment size. My friend, on the other hand have to look in juniors to get something for her.

People, by default now are becoming very weight concisious. I believe with all the nutrition contents listed in each and every thing one buys, it's hard not to be. I had a Chinese collegue, who was very slim and trim and always in control of what she eats. Once, after coming back from her vacation to China, she mentioned she is going on a diet as her size in Chinese outlets have increased to Large. Realising the fact that she was half of me, I noted in my mind that I would never shop in China, that is if I ever visit the place.

Few weeks back, I was window shopping close to my work. I spotted a pretty dress hanging in the window. I went inside to try it out and asked the sales person for my size. She replied that they do not carry such small sizes. I wish I could have recorded this. I did not feel an iota bad of not been able to purchase the dress. She had made my week by saying those words! That's when I understood that problem was never with my fat cells. I just need to be in a place where people weigh more than me.


Ziah said...

Hehehehe...:) Cuteness!:) I completely agree with your theory of "Relativity":)

I'm sooo migrating to the US.. looks like I'll have company in the "large feet" syndrome as well!!:)

--xh-- said...

agree with you. i was also cherubic whn i was @ school - but from 9th std i started cycling and it helped me to reduce my flab. after school, i staretd playing volleyball, and kept an eye on my body shape - regular work outs helped me to keep an athletic body. but afetr starting wrk, everything began to go down teh drain and afetr almsot two years, i started taking care of my body again. now my waist size is back to 32, and i am now looking athletic again :-D (now, why did i rant all this here - i know it dont ahve any connection with ur blog, but i just felt liek ranting :) ) added both ur blogs to my google reader :)

Thinking aloud said...


i just love the last line...btw, i'm like the feet category...sigh

Joy said...

Ziah :) Would love to have you around.

XH: Good that you are back in shape. It's good to rant. It helps in knowing people :)

TA: Don't bother you are not alone. Infact, if we think, we are never alone :)

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