Thursday, February 21, 2008

And the winner is....

Winning is a great feeling. I am not talking about winning a Grand Slam title or a Nobel Prize or a Pulitzer award. Err.. I have never won any of these, at least not yet. I am talking about winning tiny-miny prizes on small quizzes.

As a kid, I remember jumping with joy when I won a Rs 2 or Rs 5 raffle on a kids Tambola in a school fest. I guess I ate some chocolates or ice-cream with that money. Now I believe, those currency notes have no value unless 2 zeros are added next to them. I won't be surprised if they don't even exist.

Years later, I used to participate in all the games played in baby showers hosted for my friends and cousins. I would win in each of these showers, the prize invariably being a scented candle. It was not the prize but the idea of participating and winning that used to excite me.
Last year, we had a raffle at my work place where we needed to answer few questions. The first prize, being lunch with the Department Manager(he was a nice, smart guy), two other prizes being books. While submitting my answers, the guy at the desk remarked that all the answers seem fine and I might be a good contender for lunch with the big shot. I told me emphatically that I do not want to win the first prize and would like to win a book. I did win, though a different book. One should not be too choosy about free stuff.

Why all this rambling? Today, I won a CD for answering a question on EBC radio, which I listen to while on my way to work and back home. The question was very simple - Who is considered 20th century best women's tennis player? Who can it be other than Steffi Graf. I am a little more excited as I used to be a huge fan of hers. The CD is just a collection of some dhinchak hindi songs but the satisfaction of winning it, is priceless.


Preethi said...

:) I know the feeling.. Congratulations!!

Thinking aloud said...

winning is addictive too...enjoy!!!

Archana Bahuguna said...

I know the feeling ... Its the small jolt of joy it gives ... Its fun winning even in a regular indoor Ludo game with your friend ... :-)

Sreejith said...

ah! nothing like these small blessings. dhinchak songs :))

--xh-- said...

:) congratz... itz fun to win and feel it.

Sumana said...

oh wow, Congrats...This took me back to the initial days where we had a desi show every sunday and we would get dinner coupons in good restaurants.
have fun

Joy said...

Preethi: It's great right?

TA: Yeah, the only thing is I never win the stuff I am eyeing for.. but who said we get what we want.

Arc: Right.Maybe next time, we should play some ludo :)

Sreejith: Finally, you spoke!

XH: Tx:)

Sumana: Good old days!

Ziah said...

Hey! Congrats!:) Winning is a nice feeling... specially if its an incredibly lucky thing like a raffle or a free CD from a radio quiz:) Enjoy the luck:)