Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Utterly, butterly, Oops

Everyone loves well groomed hands. This is one of many aspects of life where the Onida advertisement seems so true "Neighbour's envy, Owner's pride". Years ago, I used to associate long, thin hands to those of an intellect mind. Maybe because the fictitious character, Sherlock Holmes, whom I used to admire in my younger days is supposed to have one. In the Sherlock Holmes series where the lead character was played by Jeremy Brett, the first thing to catch my eye when Holmes would snap the fingers saying "Exactly Dr Watson" were the long fingers.

As a kid, I remember having very slippery hands. I had so many disasters at the dining table, spilling the water all over that my dad nick-named me "Butter Fingers". For a few years, my mom refused to serve me water with dinner. I used to have a friend in my high school, whose hands used to tremble even in summer. The doctor could not detect anything wrong and she has been doing perfectly fine. What used to amuse me was the precision with which she would dissect a rat in our Biology practicals, while my hands, otherwise looking so firm would be trembling within. Though I feared the worst in my pregnancy, my hands were so stable that even a butter did not slip through them.

I had forgotten about this aspect of my hands till today. I had come to office after a long weekend, ready to start work with an enthusiasm that only New Year spirit can beget. I got myself a nice cup of hot chocolate and logged on to my computer, only to spill the hot drink on the keyboard. I guess this is what is starting the New Year with a splash.


Thinking aloud said...

oops!!! that so much sounded like me...i grew up spilling and dropping and my son carries on te tradition :(

wow, never knew it would merit a post...that was so well done i never felt clumsy...butterfingers sounds good enuf :D

SK said...

:--) Ooops.
I am generally very carefull with such things, but when I am stressed/tensed, my hands give me away. I end up slipping plates only when guests are at home :--((

Happy new year!

Sumana said...

So your new years started off the chocolate way. Good one..

Joy said...

TA: I just could not wait to write about spilling the hot choc. It suddenly brought me back all the memories of clumsy dinner times etc :)

SK: Maybe you can ask the guest to server themselves :) Happy New Year to you too.

Sumana: Have you seen the keyboard made of chocolate? I don't think I can upload a photo in the comment. Will email you.

Preethi said...

First time here... got here from Thinking Aloud.. very nice... aren't we all "butter fingers" at some point or the other

Archana Bahuguna said...

That's a fun start to new year! At least for us :-). You must have spent the next few minutes cleaning the keyboard, he he..

Prats said...

A very splashing new year to you :)

Butter fingers has its are given very simple tasks that require no carrying stuff around...maybe that should perk u up a bit :)

You must upload the chocolatey keyboard for us....