Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun, Please shine down on me.

Weather definitely affects our moods. A bright Sun peps us up and rain clouds can tingle our heart.

I had always admired Sun. One reason is he really makes my day. If he is out, I don't mind who accompanies him - wind, rain or snow, I know I would enjoy my day. Other is, I attribute the life of entire earth to him. But for him, we would have been molecules floating around in space. I believe for the same reason, I find him powerful, yet humble - a quality that I admire a lot. He is the natural disinfector. He can make a room look bright and inviting. He makes the natural wonders of the earth so beautiful. Whether he is setting or rising up, be it Grand Canyon, Himalayas, Alaska or any beach shore in any part of the world, we would be awed by the beauty. One of my favourite days is the one after it had snowed and the sun is out bright. It is a treat to eyes.

Few years back, on our drive back home from college, me and my friend, Arc witnessed a beautiful sunset, an image which has been ingrained in my mind. I remember few other sun sets I have seen from the terrace of my home. They always give the same feeling - a sense of hope. No matter how down I can be, I can always emerge up strong - the way Sun rises up every morning. He is one of the reasons I named my daughter. Her meaning translates to dawn - a new hope, a new beginning.

By now, you must have guessed the reason of my high spirits. Yes, the sun is out shining bright and also we are off to Chicago for a nice, warm vacation. (It is biting cold in Chicago, but meeting friends and family always gives a warm feeling).


Thinking aloud said...

u r so right..teh sun does play on our emotions...hope you have a sunny, 'joy'ful holiday!! :)

Madhu said...

i agree with you...nothing compares to sun's warmth. lot of times feel, shd go on vacation and just sleep under the sun in a khaat :)

dame's diary said...

The first thing I do when i wake up is--- draw the curtains!!
Can't do without you Ravi :)

Rohit Tripathi said...

True.... nad very nice last line (but meeting friends and family always gives a warm feeling) Rohit

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Joy said...

TA: We had gone to Chicago where I believe even Sun had gone on vacation. It was bitter cold but enjoyable.

Madhu: Very true. Do you have terrace/balcony at your place to relax on a sunny afternoon?

DD: Is Ravi your hubby :)

Rohit: Thanks for stopping by and please keep visiting.

Ziah said...

so you're a sun child?:)

Archana Bahuguna said...

I love the sun too! :-)

Ab kuchh naya bhi toh likh!

Sumana said...

Archana, Looks like it is still in the draft mode..;)

Hip Grandma said...

the sun is important in another way on earth is sustained only because sunlight energy is converted to food by plants.yet we keep felling trees.