Thursday, December 20, 2007

The time starts now...

Thinking Aloud tagged me for my plans of next ten years. This has been a real good exercise on racking my brains for making some personal goals.

- I am happy I have made a start in writing but I would like to take it to the next level and make something concrete out of it.

- I would like to go on a vacation with my family every year. I would also like to camp/trek/ hike/bike every summer with them. I am sure these bonding and understanding would be very much needed when the kids grow older and require (demands) their space.

- I would like to organise my life in many aspects - my routine, home, work and relationships.

- I would like to be in a stronger position professionally.

- It has been a childhood dream for me to own a small library at home which would hold a good collection of timeless classics and modern bestsellers. With all the technology advancement and Kindle being here, I still love to feel and flip the pages of a book.

- Playing sports has always worked as a synergy for me. I would like to play Tennis and Volleyball more often and if possible, make Tennis as a weekend must-do-chore. I would also like to watch live tennis matches in all the 4 Grand Slam courts and be a regular for the US Open.

- As a kid I learnt the Indian classical Violin.I was able to renew my wish and am learning the western classical now. Playing Violin gives me some peace and pleasure. Hopefully, I would continue this and inspire my kids into some sort of music.

- I would like to watch more of the theater plays and musicals.

- I would like to spend more time in cultivating a home garden. Till now, I have not been able to save any of my plants from the severe winter chill but I want this to change.

- Life teaches us lesson at various stages. But I would like to have a better grasp of what is reality and what is dream. Many times, the line has blurred for me causing confusion.

- Family and friends have always supported and inspired me. I would like cherish the strong bonds and like to strengthen few ones.

- I would like to read mythological stories and philosophy from different parts of the world.

- I would like to give back to humanity in some way. I am not able to decide how but hopefully, it would be clear in couple of years.

- Last but not the least, finish the embroidery that I started 5 years back !

I would like to tag Arch, Madhu, Sumana, Archana, Dame's Diary, Ziah and VivekRam

Anyone else interested are most welcome to take it up.


Thinking aloud said...

Joy, i hope you get them all...i hope i see you on that grand slam match...:)when i watch on the telly...:(

the embrodery thing...hee..he..i understand...with kids around it does get difficult...but you will finish it...i did :)

wish you a grreat year ahead!!! - suma

Sumana said...

J, Good to see your goals jotted down. You have already achieved half by doing that. Will take up your tag soon.

Vinesh said...

i often find it difficult to make plans for the next twelve months.. you must be so organized to take a shot at the next ten years! :-)

rayshma said...

geez! nice list there...! :) here's wishing u achieve 'em all :)
happy holidays! :)

Madhu said...

good that u have a good list of things u want to do...happy that u have already started off on one of the things...keep going like this!!

Tys on Ice said...

wow...classical violin? really?

anyways...have a great year ahead...i will call in 10yrs to check if u r on track :)

Vivek Ram said...

Sorry to dissapoint you joy:)....but i like to keep my blog to pictures:).....writing is my wife's department!;)
as far as plans go....i'll be happy if i can finish my next 5 pieces that i have planned!;)
all the best with ur plans!...looking forward to blog updates on u finishing them:)

Hip Grandma said...

You and me very similar at least in starting but not finishing embroidery work!

Joy said...

TA: Let me know when you are watching in the TV, I'll wave at you :) :) Wish you a great year ahead!

Sumana: Jotting was easier, lets see what comes out of it.

Vinesh: Take up this tag. It will rack your brains to make some personal goals :)

Rayshma: Thanks.

Madhu: If possible, pls do take up this tag. :)

ToI: Pls do check on me. Maybe we can meet up at the book cafe in Bangalore or Ernakulam. How was your vacation?

VivekRam: That's fine. Your blog is a good visual treat in itself. Good luck with your next 5 pieces. I am sure each will be marvelous and will outdo the other.

HHG: Same pinch :) Have a great year ahead!

Archana Bahuguna said...

Pretty much my goals except for the sports :-). Add me to your family and it will be great to see all those plans executed :-). I 'll sure enjoy the camping/canoeing etc in summer he he...

And what's that embroidery you started 5 years ago ... Why dont you post a pic of it here and then commit to everyone that you will finish it and then post the completed pic when its actually done!

Joy said...

Arc: You are my family :)

Meira said...

All the best :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hi,great to know such a lot about you..
Wish you a Happy New Year

Nags said...

good luck :)

Joy said...

Meira, Thanks

CU: Happy New Year to you too!

Nags: Thanks much

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