Monday, November 5, 2007

Spring Forward Fall Back

I used to be baffled by the idea of daylight savings. The clock is moved an hour early in spring and then moved back an hour in end of autumn or fall season. I know it is based on saving and enjoying more sun light during the spring/summer. It does benefit someone somewhere I believe but to me it really does not make any difference. For me, a day has 24 hours and how it is used depends on the situation. If I have lot of work to do, then I really don't care what time of day it is. Just try to get it finished. If I am free, then try to relax and enjoy. I am a person who likes things irrespective of season and time. I can enjoy an ice cream even at midnight and in winters.

The daylight savings just adds more work to me. I need to remember the two days when the clock change. Earlier I used to forget what happens when. Few years back, during one of the spring mid terms, I had kept a portion of the subject to be finished in the morning before the class, only to realise that I have one less hour to do so. During a class in fall semester, I arrived at the class on time to find that it was empty. I was almost going to scream with joy thinking the class got cancelled, only to realise that the Professor would be giving his quiz on time an hour later!

I needed a way to remember all this time manipulations. Finally, I found my answer in a Sunday Comic strip - where they used this phrase "Spring Forward, Fall back". I really like this phrase a lot. To me it reminds me one of deeper philosophies of life - To Spring Forward and grab the opportunities but at the same time, remember to Fall Back and let things go.

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