Thursday, November 1, 2007


Last year, me, H and A went to a county fair organised by H's office. It was held in 2 sessions on a Saturday in October. The place was about 2 hours from our home. We got the morning slot of 10-1 pm. Although I knew the games organised in a county fair, I was not fully prepared what to expect in a corporate one. We reached at 10:00 am sharp and were greeted by enthusiastic organizers. The ambiance was fun and festive. There were lots of rides and games. H took little A to many rides. I played almost all the games with her or by myself. We ended up winning about 10 prizes and H had to search for an unused large trash bag to carry these home. You can imagine my happiness. I was showing off H my capabilities to play county fair games and he seemed fairly impressed. We came back home with a bag full of soft toy jungle. It was great fun and I had no clue how 3 hours passed so quickly. I was eagerly looking forward to the upcoming fairs.

This year, we got the afternoon slot. One of H's friends came along with us. That's good. The more, the merrier. He was mentioning that maybe we should stay there for an hour. I insisted I would be there for the whole 3 hours. Silently, I wished for the choice of prizes to be different this time. I saw most of the games were the same and prizes were little different. Good. I was all eager to experience the same magic again. In fact, H quietly got a big unused trash bag in order to save the rush later.

About an hour passed and I played quite a few games but no luck. I started feeling frustrated. I told H that he jinxed me by getting the trash bag even before I started playing. He gave me an unperturbed stare and asked me to just enjoy myself. I ate more food and went on more rides this time. Finally after 3 hours and 2 prizes, I was eager to get back home. We all definitely had fun but I did miss some nice soft toys which I would have loved to posses.

Last weekend, I met Arc and Inder after quite some time. I felt ecstatic when Inder started talking about my blog. I did not know he was a passive reader. I told I am very happy to write, that it is giving me some inner peace and I have so much stuff to share and am happy that there is a space where I can put all my thoughts together. I was pretty eager to listen his opinion when he said - "It looks like you have nothing much to do as you write quite often". I was dumbstruck and did not know what to respond. Since then, everyday I log onto my blog but my mind is as blank as how the school blackboard looks after the summer break. There, I am jinxed again.

Hopefully, November would give some respite and my mind should start churning some thoughts.


dame's diary said...

Inder(rough on the edges!)......Boooooooooooo

Joy said...

DD, :) :)
I am sure thoughts would start pouring,now that you have given a jolt. :) Inder is a nice guy, Don't scare him :)

Archana Bahuguna said...

"It looks like you have nothing much to do as you write quite often" or they are not creative enough or have not much to share with the world ;-). We need to turn a dead ear to such remarks :-) - spring forward and no falling back on our blogging spree! :-D

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