Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I am Tagged!

Thinking Aloud did think me over to do the following tag. Thank you and hope you are still around after knowing me better :)

Tag Name :Seven Random and / or Weird Things about Me.

Rules : Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
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The Seven Seas:

1. Afraid of aging: As a kid I used to think I would age gracefully. Not that I am not, but I am now afraid of celebrating birthdays. Mind you, I don't mind getting gifts but dread the age.

2. Books: I have always loved books. If I like a book, I tend to read more by the same author. I also get so inspired and overwhelmed with what I have read, that I blurt it all out to my friends. Archana and Madhu must have gone crazy hearing the books I read of Alexander McCall Smith.

3. Not too much into financial: Even though I have worked in financial industry and love math, the financial numbers don't attract me at all. I do want to learn but have never gone beyond half a page of a financial book.

4. Wacky brain: As a teenager and a young gal in early 20s , I used to love all PJs and all wacky mind teasers. When my brother and sis-in-law left for US after getting married, I accompanied them to the 1 hour drive to airport. Instead of being emotional, me and sis-in-law played the Bruce Lee series the entire way. E.g what is Bruce Lee's fav vegetable - Moolee (radish or dicon). After years, my sis-in-law is much saner but my mind still enjoys these wacky games.

5. Try to clean: After two kids, my house is decently(Ok Ok for most parts) clean but definitely not going to win Martha Stewart's best cleaned home. I have this eternal guilt in me of cleaning the house, which drives H crazy. Unlike India where cleaner comes every day, in US we have a cleaning lady coming every 2 or 3 weeks. I feel so terrified what she would think, that I clean most part of the house before she comes. H teases me that to have the house cleaned , just ask her to call us every week.

6. Driving: I actually enjoy driving. I knew I would enjoy it even before I learnt how to drive or got the license. I seriously don't mind making 2-3 trips / day to a mall or shop to get something.

7. Love marriages: I like love marriages esp between couples from two completely different cultures/religion/sect/region. Even though people have voiced their opinion saying that in these marriages, culture, languages etc get mixed up and tend to get lost over generations, I adore it because it brings the basic human quality of love and acceptance.

The seven people who need to cross the seven seas at their own risk are :

1. Arch
2. Madhu
3. Archana
4. Sumana
5. Ziah
6. TysOnIce
7. Sreejith

All you lucky people, plunge if you feel like . Otherwise, it is fine too. All other readers, if you feel like taking up this tag , please be my guest.


Thinking aloud said...

That was great and i'm still around :)

i too love books and hate numbers..i work fro a mag and if someone were to ask me teh circulation figures, i go err...ahem...can i call you later?
that was cute about the cleaning sound like my sis in Boston...

and driving...can you teach me? ALL women drive, onlly I CAN'T...:(

Thanks for taking this up...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Good to know so many things..

Prats said...

You are seriously nothing but interesting...just imagine playing the-lee games...your poor brother..but it sure does bring down some stress lines...
And i'm so glad to have found one more similar book lover...

Hip Grandma said...

Same here with point no.5 though children are not here to take the blame.My earlier post 'Just 10 minutes' written in Dec 2006 says it all.I too love books but I've slowed down a lot these days.

Joy said...

TA: Sure I would love to teach you how to drive. Before that let me call up my brother and H saying someone is really interested in learning driving from me :)

CU: Welcome here and keep coming.

Prats: Thanks. Oh I never bothered about my bro but I am sure my sis-in-law was :)

HG: Yes, I liked your post on cleaning. I think there is some connection between woman and cleanliness. Together, these can drive any guy crazy. That also re-iterates the fact the way guy and girl sees the world is very different, literally.

Thinking aloud said...


Sreejith said...

you like pj's! what a wonderful trait! i already like you :D Will do the tag.. sounds like fun but then i have enough tag backlog to do.. so will have to wait :(

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