Monday, November 12, 2007

Dressed to impress

We girls love variety. One can sense by the wide range of clothes and accessories. I don't think guy's clothing has even changed in years, may be centuries. If you see, the trend of girl's dresses keep changing every few years. What used astound me was there were clothing which ergonomically will not make sense still girls loved to wear. That was till, I bought a nice smart short sleeved sweater top.

My work place is unduly cold because of some wrong AC settings. One of my colleague, in full shirt was trying to fumble with the AC settings and was pleasantly surprised seeing me short sleeved. He warned me that this place is like Artic and we really need to keep ourselves warm to save us from being frozen. When he realized that the short sleeved top I was wearing was actually a sweater, he just could not figure why was it ever designed and made in the first place? To top it all, it even had a hood!

Hey but hold on, don't we make the world go on, else it would have been so drab and mundane.


Thinking aloud said...

yeah, boy's clothes talk about it:(
i have literally pants in all colors and shirts in the same. dressing up girls is so exciting...
way to go girl, we do make the world exciting!!!

btw, tagged u at my site...hope u do it...:)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Sure the varieties you girls have looks the textile design department has forgotten that ,male gender exist!!
Lucky you all..hmmm


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