Thursday, November 1, 2007

All that matters...

In a world where people

smarter than me captivate

bolder than me take the risk

wealthier than me rule

I still have a hold of this life

Which confronts me with problems that is multitude

For all that matters is attitude.


Thinking aloud said...

i lik ethis because i happen to think that our attitude is one of the things in life that we have total control of....

well said, j :))

Sumana said...

A long wait for a new blog does wonders. Enjoyed reading it. Attitude is so powerful, which can give a 180 degree twist to our thinking even if we land up in a worst possible situation. Unless we look at things with right attitude, we are going to end up in nothing.

Joy said...

Thinking Aloud, :)

Sumana, Absolutely true.