Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nature - The artist beyond compare

It is a known fact that nature is the best artist. Time and again in different parts of the world,it has made a masterpiece which a human can only awe with wonder and admiration. I recently visited one of the masterpieces which was created in 6 million years and still going on.

GrandCanyon - a master piece carved entirely by Colorado river is breathtaking. The canyon was created as the river and its tributaries cut through the layers of rock.

The canyon is overwhelming in size. There are only two ways of exploring it and both would take couple of days. One is walking around the canyon which is approx 275 miles long and the other is a very interesting trek down to the river bed of Colorado river. We did a little trek around the canyon.

We went to Yavapai point to see the sunset and I believe Hopi point to see the sunrise.

Over the years, Sun has without fail risen every day radiating the whole canyon into a colorful landscape. Its intricate and kaleidoscopic landscape is a blissful treat to watch. The quite and serene background leaves you calm and peaceful.

In travel channel, I saw another masterpiece by Colorado River - Canyonlands National Park near Utah. I am attaching an image I found in net while looking for this park and I am certain where your next vacation destination is going to be:


Archana Bahuguna said...

Beautifully written Jaya and I believe GC is in my list now, like Ladakh :-).

Madhu said...

The pics are amazing, going to such places makes u feel..there is so much to see seem too short :)

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