Thursday, September 20, 2007

I want to Help but all I feel is helpless....

Yesterday, I read news about a 70 year lady in Utah being arrested because of not watering her lawn!
I understand we need to maintain our home and ourselves but isn't this too extreme? She is old and instead of society helping her, it is sending her to jail.

Time and again things like this happen which just leaves us helpless. Few months back, I was talking to a childhood friend of mine. She mentioned she was a victim of identity theft. Someone has made a huge transaction in her credit card. She asked the credit card company to stop the transaction but because of some stupid policy, they could not do so. The culprit has bought stuff in Target but could not get all the consignment the same day. Somehow, my friend got a call from Target saying the rest of the consignment is available for pickup next day. She immediately called up the cops and said there is a possibility of knowing the culprit if he ever turns up. After a long wait and innumerable phone transfers, she was told that what got stolen was her identity and not some concrete stuff. So they cannot help!

Last year, I had visited my gynaecologist for the regular pregnancy visit. A young lady entered the clinic and sat next to me. After some time, we started talking and I learnt that she was new the place. Hers was a pregnancy which needed lot of attention in early stage. She had medical insurance but there were some issues which the insurance company was taking just too long to resolve. Because of this, none of the doctors were ready to see her. She had some problems that day and took a cab to see my gynaecologist. She was just hoping that the doc would check her as she really needed some medical attention. I felt sorry for her. But as it turned out, the doc refused to see her because of all the insurance complications. She did not heed to the fact that the lady herself needed medical attention. I do understand that insurance policies are complex and no one wants to get tangled in all these. But once in a while when a genuine case comes by, can't we go beyond and help them out? I offered her to drop her home and all I could do was pray for her, hoping her condition would improve.

I thoroughly approve of process and procedures. But what use are these when they cannot solve simple human problems. An old lady is being arrested for a reason beyond a common man's comprehension while there are thugs roaming freely on the road. Isn't it getting too extreme now?


Madhu said...

Seriously its crazy yaar, sometimes feel, we are losing touch with human side and becoming more and more process driven.

Joy said...

Madhu, Process has to be there but in some cases, if we use a little common sense, the problem would get solved. I think it boild down to question of whose responsibility is it..