Friday, September 7, 2007

Good Old Days

One thing I really miss is my college days - the freedom, the casualness, the hopes and the dreams. I made some of my best friends in college. I used to love their company and we still get high when we hang out together. I remember the nights when me, A, I , M were up to "finish off our assignments" but ended up chatting about our lives, ideas and dreams. These were the golden times rare to re-live.

Last week me and V were able to re-live some memory of our younger days. After one nice, long tiring day, both our kids and dear hubbies were sleeping softly and quietly in their beds. I don't think hubbies were sleeping quitely but we were too excited to even take notice of that. V had got two movies to watch during the week. We tiptoed downstairs , got some munchkins, hopped onto the couch , made ourselves comfortable and switched on the DVD to watch Dhoom 2. We enjoyed commenting , dancing , singing along with the Ash and Hrithik. It was 11:30 pm by the time the movie ended and we both looked at each other with red shot sleepy eyes . We had had a hectic day and had some more chores to finish up the next day. But we realised that we would never get this precious time easily. So, I happily got out , made tea for both of us. We drank it to drive away Mother sleep and inserted "Mr & Mrs Iyer" into the DVD player :)

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Archana Bahuguna said...

"Finish off our assignment" ha ha ha .. And you did a good job by watching two movies back to back ... Woh bhi "Mr and Mrs AIyer"! I have to watch that movie once more with you :-)

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