Monday, September 10, 2007

Five minutes

It is said the first thing that comes to our mind when we wake up defines our day. Mine doesn't seem like it. The first thing that comes to my mind ever since I can remember , is whether I can sleep for 5 more minutes. As a child, I used to dream that when science advances to an extent that humans start living in another planets , I would opt for Pluto because 5 min there would definitely be couple of days in earth . The result, they stopped recognizing pluto as a planet! One of various instances of how my dreams get realised.

As a kid, it was my dad's job to wake me up. He used to be very good in it which definitely did not work in my favor. In winters when my mom called me few times to wake me up, I would just go deeper into my comforter. Thats when my dad would take over. He would just slid next to me in my bed. That itself would be a big jolt to rise me from slumber. Then he would start talking about all the cartoon characters/serial characters I watched. He would try to ask me about their next move in their respective story plots. If I did not respond, he would nudge to make me speak up. All this would irritate me and the goal would be achived. I would be wide awake, ready to hop off my bed. My dad, as a prize, would doze off for couple of minutes in my warm bed. What intrigued me always was he never used to see any of the serials/cartoons I watched. Still he would know the story and the characters !

Fast forward to present. I am in nice slumber when the alarm clock goes off on a sunday morning. This irritates H as he does not like alarm clocks on sunday. More so, if he is the one who has to turn it off. I know I have a huge list of chores to do but suddenly none of them seem important. I can hear my 4 year old and 1 year old stir in their beds. I can easily put my 4 year old back to sleep for 5 more minutes. She can understand how precious these moments of rest can be. My 1 year old is a different story. He is fully awake the minute his eyes open. He comes from his crib and onto my bed. I try hard to make him sleep for couple more minutes but he is hellbent. He finally comes to my face and with his tiny fingers open my eyes. It's nice to see his cherubic face first thing in the morning but I wouldn't have mind to see it 5 minutes later. Anyways I am fully awake now , exactly 2 hours after the alarm went off.


Archana Bahuguna said...

:-) You bet! I curse the man who invented the first alarm clock!

Subha said...

my dad had a very innovative way which made sure that i not only jump out of the bed but out of the room also --- he used to sing for us :>>>>

Joy said...

Arc, :) I can understand yourlove for alarm clock !

Subha, :) :) I can't stop laughing. I can even imagine Uncle singing. That must be some time.

Madhu said...

I can understand how u feel...till i was in mind made me visualise that i am all up and actually getting ready and not sleeping. Its only after some time i will realise i am peacefully sleeping :)

I think somehow fathers know how to wake up kids better then mom..i guess mom's are more liberal when it comes to sleep :). My father will just pull the curtains to make us realise its morning...i hated it so much :D

Sumana said...

Those last 5 minutes of sleep are the best. One can sleep the whole night's sleep getting those extra precious minutes. Nice one. Actually jaya, i wonder if it is your wonderful writing or your little pumpkin that has made me visit both your sites often.

Joy said...

"Its only after some time i will realise i am peacefully sleeping :)
That was really funny. :)

Sumana, Every minute of sleep esp when you know you need to get up is very precious. Thanks for visiting my blogs. :) Please keep coming.

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