Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dream on...

Back from Vacation
Was fun and good relaxation

Mind in state of happiness
Brimming with ideas and creativeness

Want to jot these thoughts with clarity
In a hope that they attain reality

There seems to be new hope
In my life, other than just to cope

A new direction
All it needs is a persistent action

A day will come
When I realise my dream

To contribute to this ocean of humanity
My two cents of wisdom and some sanity.


Archana Bahuguna said...

Seems like the vacation did a good job :-) ...

Mujhe laga tha aaj tune kuchh likha hoga ... if you get time, talk about your GC visit ... I would love to know kaisa hai in detail .. (written detail ;-))

Madhu said...

achha likha hai..it seems joy is all charged up :)

Joy said...

Arc, Maddie, You know me enough to know what makes me high and charged up :)

To evolve or not...