Thursday, August 9, 2007

Opportunity knocks

A mind full of dreams
A heart full of hope

An ambition to fervor
A success to devour

You came again
When all I could say was in vain

How I wish earlier you could have come by
And I would have welcome you with ecstacy and joy

For opportunity might knock twice
But age knocks only once.


Hip Grandma said...

'For opportunity might knock twice
But age knocks only once.'
how true.seems to be my story.May i elaborate?

Archana Bahuguna said...

Beautiful words ... :-)

Hamari ubharti hui kaviyitri, bus likhti jaayein :-)

Sumana said...

Apt title and wondeful words. Wow you have a poetess hidden in you. Keep it coming....

Joy said...

HG, Please do. It's a pleasure to hear you and your experiences :)

Arc, tere muh mein ghee shakkar :)
Hope my mind doesn't get stagnant. I feel at peace when I write :)

Sumana, Thanks for the kind words. :)

To evolve or not...