Friday, August 10, 2007

All I can say

I was taking the elevator down to go to the parking lot. I met this nice gentleman who works in a company next to mine. Both of us work in the same profession , you guessed it - software. We generally smile and exchange greetings whenever we meet. He was enquiring about my work ? I said currently, we are walking on the razor edge. I guess it is very common in the industry I work that people attimes or all times work like crazy. I think it is basically we as a profession are pretty bad in estimating what can be done and pretty bad in managing our time.

He commented - "There were lot of sins done in the First and Second World Wars. Hence in the next life, God made them as software professionals !" . Well I dread to think what we would be in next life?


Tys on Ice said...

if u r really bad, u will become a print professional.

Joy said...

ToI , Are you one ? ;)

To evolve or not...