Monday, July 9, 2007

A ship to sail ..... Friendship

I was working late last night when I got a scrap on my orkut from an old friend of mine. I surprised her by calling her up at midnight. It was a nice long refreshing talk revolving around old times, friendships, dreams, misunderstandings, human relations.

My collegue at work just commented how hard it is for him to keep up friends. He mentioned after sometime it becomes an "encroachment" and you need to keep "forcing" it inorder to maintain conversations.

I guess this is a typical example of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and God knows what both are doing on Earth!"

Each friendship has to be nurtured, blossomed to save it from becoming stale. I guess the same goes for love too. But the way two people perceive it makes all the difference.

I remember
the old times together

I miss
the shared bliss

I yearn
our conversations

I do hear the phone
But on the otherside there is no one

I do want to call
But I know there is a wall

I think I value
our friendship more than you

As there is not a day
I do not think of you

But I do want to know
If you have let our friendship go

I wish you could say
Our friendship is here to stay.


Archana Bahuguna said...

I also remember (read miss) an old and very close friend of mine sometimes. :-)

Thinking aloud said...

Loved this J, good friends are for life...for me a measure of friendship is how easily we slip into conversation when we meet after a gap

To evolve or not...