Thursday, July 5, 2007

Life is a pupose

I do realise
What is nice and what is wise

I do understand
The ground on which I stand

I need my mind to teach
That the stars in the sky are out of reach

But my mind do want to streach
And feel the star with light touch

How do I tell my mind to perceive
The life is as it conceives

I need to accept
That the life is for a purpose

That I cannot come to yonder
Without making things unorder


Subha said...


My God that was soooo beautiful. I always knew that you were multi talented...1st in class, great in sports... excellent on g.k...but this was news to me that you could write so well also :>

coming to think of it we have been classmates start from 1st class right???? infact if i remember correctly we r from same hospital also :> i really enjoyed your blogs. keep wrting in. u sure have 1 dedicated reader.

Jaya Kuppuswamy said...

Hi Subha,

So nice to see you here and thanks for the encouragement.

I am so glad that we have got back in touch, thanks to orkut. We have been friends for long time, since birth. You are right.

Keep dropping by and I will try my best to keep you entertained.



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