Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And the list goes on....

Whenever I have lots to finish, my mind become active on the lots of "TODO" I have been postpoing for ages. Sometimes however, I do have a terrific concentration and focus totally on what I am doing. Well currently I wish I could get my concentration back. While I wait for it, let me jot down the ideas that crossed my mind:

1. Writing a beautiful, interesting blog everyday.
2. Go for a nice biking ride.
3. Learn the music notes and practise every day , okay twice a week.
4. Play Tennis with little a and H.
5. Start focussing on the future and stop pondering about the past. In short, let things go.
6. Cook a new dish every weekend, okay once a month.
7. Start working on what I wanted to accomplish last year.

Though my mind is still wavering, I think I got enough boost by writing this to go back to work.
Sometimes, writing down goals makes one feel they have achieved them :) .(a little hallucination once in a while is good... )


Archana Bahuguna said...

It's always good to write down a todo list because it feels like you are starting all over on a clean slate :-). A couple of your todos look overambitious ;-) but believe me I do them too ... and its good because if you set a higher goal at least you'll achieve some of it ...

Btw, lemme know when you are planning that bike ride .. I would love to come along :-D

mallalicousins said...
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Sumana said...

Nice blog Jaya. Nice start. You are right with the TODO lists. I do them on fridays to accomplish things for the weekend. And it always gets done with a todo list. I wonder why in such a big reality as life, we forget at times to do the TODO lists. Good awakening.

Joy said...

Arc, We always tend to set higher goals . I just read a nice quote :

"You should aim for the sun. You will never land there but atleast you get off the ground" .

We should plan a bike rider together.

Sumana, Welcome here. TODO are just that - TODO. Mine almost never becomes DONE.

To evolve or not...