Friday, June 15, 2007

Lingering to past...

I want to hold on
Even though I know all is gone

I would like to turn back time
To create a past that I would not whine

Things are not wrong now
Just my mind feels I came here how?

Should I stop listening to myself
And make people happy about themselves?

Why do I try hard to make things right
Even though I know I would never win the fight


Archana Bahuguna said...

There you are, another great poet in the making :-). I think, life makes us all very poetic :-) :-).

Jaya Kuppuswamy said...

Very true. The more one understands life, I think better she can write.. I have always felt one thing common in the books I have read. They might be on different topics, authors of different nationality but all describe life very well.

Madhu said...

Wow, Joy u write so well...where were u hiding till now :)

I mean it, really enjoyed everything u wrote...keeping penning your thoughts whenever possible.

To evolve or not...