Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Icecream Cake

At work, I have been having hectic weeks for past couple of months because of the carzy deadlines to meet. As an appreciation of our efforts, the HR is treating us with icecream cake.

This sent be down my memory lane. Since a kid, I was always fond of icecream and cakes. Now, they have come up with this new delicacy where you can enjoy both at the same time. Thinking of childhood, I can still remember and relive some of the moments as if they happened recently. I can even think what I was thinking on one day doing something when I was much much younger. It is as if I am rewinding a video tape and watching again. Only in this case, it is my mind.

One of my dreams was to fly a plane and travel around the world. Also I remember I used to be afraid of dark. I would dream that I would be in Delhi till eve and as soon sun starts setting, I would fly to London,NY. This way I would always be in a place where it is bright and sunny and never would encounter night . Funny, I never thought when I would sleep.

Do you realise that dreams are always about doing some stuff. I actually have never dreamed about resting. Hmm. interesting.


Archana Bahuguna said...

You have "the" elephantine memory. But I agree, most of the things of past, any small insignificant moment also, is pretty live in my mind. Sometimes, I would remember what I said to whom and why even when I was like 7-8 :-).

Jaya Kuppuswamy said...

Thank you for writing first comment in my blog :)

Monika said...

oh i so love the ice cream cake too :) :) :)

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