Friday, June 15, 2007

A whole new world!

Humanity. A small word but makes a whole world of difference. Even though we are humans - homo sapiens, humanity does not seem to be our first nature. We were definitely born with it. Kids are in the purest human form. I guess as we grow, we understand the need to survive , to excel and to outgrow each other.

One day, I had to take my 6 month old baby to his pediatrcian checkup. My elder daughter , Aruna was then 3.5 yrs old. She accompanied me to the doc's visit. The doc checked his ears and in the process squashed it a bit. Droplets of blood fell on my hands. My hands froze seeing the blood from my little baby's ears. The doc assured that it would stop and asked me to call next day morning in case things worsen. As if things were not worse enough. Aruna looked little confused. She knew we go to doctor when we get hurt. This is the first time we went to the doctor and got hurt. I spoke to her calmly and softly that her baby brother would be fine and his ears would heal soon. Infact, I was re-assuring myself more than convincing her. I drove back home with the kids, feeling miserable. I could not figure out how my baby was feeling. He slept on the way back home. The only thing I wanted at that point was that his ears should be fine. When we reached back home, Aruna picked up the phone. She loves phones and I have a big challenge to keep her away from our home phone or my cellphone. But right now, I was too exhausted(more emotionally than physically) to fight her for not using the phone. She dialed some random no. and says "Hello, God Ganesha, please take the bo-bo away from my baby's ears!".

I stood there speechless.

"The fact that we have babies born everyday assures that God has not lost hope on earth"


Archana Bahuguna said...

So sweet of Aruna ... hope Ayush did fine. If I were in your place I know I would have given the doctor/nurse a really hard time :-). Not that it helps much but. :-) I hate the medical system here anyways.

Jaya Kuppuswamy said...

Ayush was okay. Thankfully, his ears healed completely. When he was a younger baby, I had to keep telling Aruna not to bother him. But she cared and prayed for him when it was really needed and that happened automatically. Somethings are not taught. We do have compassion and caring for others within us...